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Developmental Chart


Psychological (Cognitive)




  • Increases in strength, balance, agility and coordination
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic systems are still lacking
  • Physical Growth in body length and stature will begin to change
  • Short attention span
  • Lack of ability to focus on multi-tasking
  • Growth in space awareness
  • Growth in time awareness
  • Ability to start using 6U building blocks of motor skills to enhance technique and skills on the ball
  • Able to focus on instruction and repetition easier
  • Ability to understand and retain basic portions of the game. (i.e. Restarts and Laws of the game)

Training Focus

  • Continued progression of Motor Skills
  • Introduction of soccer related skills using motor skills and speed
  • Repetition of skill sets with a focus on accuracy
  • Building of Aerobic and Anaerobic activities
  • Implement progressions where two players work together with one ball
  • Promote Problem Solving
  • Begin the introductory process of the laws of the game and field boundaries
  • Start to teach and instruct different variations of soccer specific movements with the ball
  • Dribbling, Running w/the ball, Receiving, Turning, Shooting, Passing, Defending
  • First Attacker Roles
  • First Defender Roles
  • Different types of restarts (i.e. throw-ins, goal kicks, kick offs, free kicks, corner kicks)

Training and Match Guidelines

  • Ball: Size 3
  • Length of session: 60-90 min
  • Sessions per week: 1-2
  • Matches: 4v4–6v6, No GK
  • Goals: cones, pugs, 4x6
  • Field Size: 25x30, 30x45
  • Travel: Local area
  • Tournaments: Festivals


At the 7U and 8U age groups, coaches will begin the task of teaching players basic, essential techniques and skills of the game. It will be important to focus on player’s touches on the ball and repetition throughout these two years of progression. At these specific ages, the concept of such areas of the game like creating space for teammates, and understanding the concept of time, on and off the ball, within a game situation is just starting to develop. At 7U and 8U, a player’s self-awareness, interest level and ability to evaluate game situations starts to occur. For example, this will be the first time players will start accessing themselves in relation to others in the group. Players will begin the recognition stage of things, such as effort and hard work in relation to what they are doing and how well they are doing. It is the club’s job to make sure that this particular stage of recognition is guided in the correct manner, as not to hurt a player’s confidence. Keeping players on task and moving forward is important at the 7U and 8U ages.

A session at this age must still continue to be player-centric, but will add the ball more. Prior introduction and development of the player’s basic motor skills from the 6U age will allow players a better ability to be successful in soccer specific techniques and skill sets. Another element will be adding exercises that include another player to help the mental aspect of working through problem solving and tasks together, forming the beginning stages of teamwork mentality. Lastly, within every session, coaches will start to enforce the basic laws of the game and how they relate to the training session at hand.

A typical session at the 7U and 8U age should consist of in order of importance:

●     Motor Skills

o      Balance

o      Walking / Running

o      Bending

o      Twisting

o      Turning

●     Individual Skill and Technique

o      Dribbling

o      Receiving

o      Turning

o      Passing

o      Shooting

o      Defending

o      Crossing

●     Individual Tactics

o      Introduction of First Attacker

o      Introduction of First Defender

●     Game Related Subjects

o      Restarts

o      Laws of the Game

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